Meenakshi Coir has set a paradigm of excellence by effectively catering an impeccable range of Door Mats, Geo Blankets and Coir Logs to the esteemed clients. The huge assortment of Door Mats that we provide includes Rubber Door Mats, Creel Door Mats, Fibre Door Mats, PVC Door Mats, Grass Door Mats, Rubber Grilled Coco Mats, Synthetic Mats, Geo Textiles, Rubber Backed Brush Mats & Rubber Backed Non Brush Mats.

Geo Textiles Mats

Geo Textiles Mats

Geo-blankets (coir mesh mattings) are 100% bio-degradable, strong and durable. They have field functional longevity of 4 to 6 years and provide hign resistance upon installation, while supporting growth and development of vegetation. The mesh matting (with open mesh construction), comes in densities between 400 to 900 gsm. A range of different mesh matting with varying densities are available depending on the landscape design, waterfolw, soil structure, steepness of slop, vegetation requirements etc.


Material Coir
Use Covering Agriculture Land
Thickness 0.5-1mm, 1.5-2mm
Color Light Brown
Pattern Plain
Features Ling Life

  • Geo Textiles (400 gsm)

    Geo Textiles (400 gsm)
  • Geo Textiles (700 gsm)

    Geo Textiles (700 gsm)
  • Geo Textiles (900 gsm)

    Geo Textiles (900 gsm)